Reconciling People to God, and People to People


Welcome to Cornerstone City Church, a place where lives are being transformed and new stories are being written. We would love to have you join us at any of our gatherings.


Our city will be a city of…


hope / freedom / family / unity / joy / belonging / transformation / light / life / worship / wholeness & fulfilment / purpose


Sunday Service

We meet every Sunday at 10.30am, 40 Duke Street, Derry. Everyone is welcome! Why not check out our podcasts and music to get a feel for what a Sunday here is like.

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City Kids

We have a dedicated kids programme from 6 months to 11 years of age. We believe that church should be enjoyed by everyone and here kids get to learn new dances, sing songs, hear stories from the bible and really have fun!

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City Youth

Every Friday secondary school age young people from all across our city and further areas meet to laugh, dance and jump around with friends in the freedom they've found in God. City Youth is empowering the youth of Cornerstone to live their lives for Jesus.

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Small Groups

At Cornerstone we find the best way to get connected into community and to grow is to be a part of a small group. We offer groups with many different focuses and interests. Small groups are for everyone!

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This summer Cornerstone recorded and released their own album. It's available on iTunes, Spotify and many more online platforms as well as being available to by here on CD.

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Sunday Talks

Each week our service includes a talk designed to teach and challenge. We upload these talks every week and you can check out the latest one below

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We would love to connect with you

Maybe by now you've decided that you would like to come see what we are really like. For some, walking into a room of people they don't know is a very daunting experience. Whether you are thinking of coming on a Sunday, to City Youth or to a mid-week event, why not click below and let us know you're thinking of visiting. We will make sure the welcome team has a place set aside for you. Also, on Sundays we have a place called new-comers lounge. This is simply a place set aside for new people and visitors to sit and have a relaxed conversation with friendly faces. So say hello below!