Day 6

We are insecure about many things and it differs from person to person. When we break up from our boyfriend or girlfriend our world becomes unsteady as we deal with feeling rejected and unloved (even thought that's not true). When we lose our job, the emotions of unworthiness stampede at us from every direction leaving us feeling hopeless and adrift. When the kids grow up and leave home, suddenly it’s so quiet and even though you’ve fantasied about having the house back, now they're gone, waves of fear about the future flood in as this season of your life has ended. We’re insecure about our weight, about our jobs, in our marriages, about our kids, about our car, our talents and gifts, our past, present and future. And it feels awful - we feel afraid, full of doubt, paranoid sometimes, jealous and even lack confidence - it simply drains life from you.

Life is full of change and when change comes to us, it has a way of revealing what or who we’re pinning our hopes on for our self worth and value in the world. So when the boy/girlfriend says goodbye and we persistently feel ugly, unloved or unlovable and could never be loved again, could it be that you’d pinned your self worth and value on the relationship? When the job or the kids go, and your life becomes a mess, could it be your identity has been wrapped around your job or your family?

It comes as no surprise to learn that insecurity is incompatible with Christianity. Why? Because feelings of insecurity arise because our faith is placed in the wrong thing. 

As you reflect on part one of this devotion, are you willing to ask God to reveal to you any things, places or people you are falsely pinning your hope on rather than him?

Cornerstone Prayer Focus: Today, lets’ pray for Extreme Team. Pray for on going favour in Lisnagelvin Primary School, together with the kids and staff. Also pray for creative programmes reaching into young hearts with the message of hope, love and destiny.