Day 7

Take a few moments and enjoy reading 1 Samuel 18 v 1 - 12

Almost all the people God used in the bible to do his work displayed insecurity at one time or another, so don’t feel disqualified if you’re insecure today. Saul was Israel’s first king but because of disobedience he knows he’s going to lose his throne.

There’s a sequence through which insecurity evolves in each of our lives and we can find it in these verses.

Saul and David are riding back after the defeat of the Philistines and David’s amazing death defying victory over Goliath. As they return form battle the people cry out:

Saul has slain his thousands and David his tens of thousands.’ Everything changes here and the first part of the journey towards insecurity kicks in, and it’s this:

Step One: BLINKERED THINKING - having a limited view of the ‘threat’

Although the people were singing this refrain, it wasn't true. David had not slain his tens of thousands. He will do, but they’re riding home from killing Goliath. David had killed a giant, not a giant army, but instantly Saul thinks, ‘He’s better than me.’ Have you ever been doing a job well enough and then someone else comes along and suddenly they’re flavour of the month and you’re immediately threatened by them? You think everyone thinks they’re better than you! That’s blinkered thinking, it’s a limited view of the threat. Insecurity tries to tell us the ‘threat’ is bigger than it really is. 

Step Two: SHRINKING THINKING - having a limited view of yourself

The last part of verse 8 says this: ‘What more can he get but the kingdom?’ Saul believes his world is about to get smaller. This is shrinking thinking - when your mind becomes occupied with what you think you’ll lose. When you view the ‘threat’ in a restricted way, your next step is to think about what the threat will take from you. He’s taking my promotion; she’s taking my boyfriend; I’m losing my house; I’m not the most popular in my class. Insecurity tries to tell us that without a job, a relationship, a promotion, a marriage, the looks or the most friends on Snapchat we are not important in this world.

Step Three: STINKING THINKING - having a limited view of your future

Verse 9 says this: ‘From that time on, Saul kept a jealous eye on David.’ Every day that followed from this moment was blighted by paranoid insecurity that kept Saul on endless chases until the day he died. Listen, a jealous eye gives birth to a defeated life.

You may not throw a real javelin  - I hope - at the ‘threat’ but we can still throw something sharp like calling them names, start/feed a rumour that you know is not true, tore someone down to others, gossiped about them? We all have but when we do, we put limitations on our future until we repent and restore common sense.

Insecurity tries to tell you the only way to be bigger is to make the person, the event whatever or whoever it is smaller and bring them down.

Can you relate to Saul as you read how insecurity evolves? Why not pray today and ask God to show you where you are insecure and how it is affecting your life. Ask God to help prepare your heart for healing.

Cornerstone Prayer Focus: Let’s pray for Life Groups in Cornerstone today. Life Groups are the first point of pastoral care, a place to deepen friendships, grow in faith and discover what God has in store for us.