Day 11

Take a few moments before you go any further and read Ezra 10 v 16.

How do you respond to the things that break your heart?

Heartbroken with the things he had heard about the Jews, Ezra poured his heart out to God. While praying, a large crowd approached him. They believed that if they made a covenant with God there would still be hope for Israel. Ezra prayed and fasted as he continued to mourn for Israel. After his time with God, Ezra addressed the crowd and told them they needed to repent and obey God. All but a few men from the crowd accepted that how they were living was not honouring to God and agreed to do something about it. 

If you’re aware of the sins and brokenness of others, whether that be friends, family, or the area you live in; instead of trying to fix it on your own or leave it for someone else to deal while you get annoyed about it, why not commit to fasting and praying for an answer?

Had Ezra spoke to the crowd without seeking God, he wouldn’t have had the wisdom, or the ability to say exactly what God wanted the people to hear. What does God want His people to hear? How will He use you? Step out and fast and pray to God for an answer. I can guarantee He’ll come through. 

Cornerstone Prayer Focus: Take this opportunity to pray for Street Pastors and the incredible work they are doing in various areas of our city. Pray for wisdom and guidance as they connect with the broken, and bring His love to life in this incredible city.