Day 13

‘A great distance away at a town called Adam,’ Joshua 3 v 16

A lot of words spoken over Cornerstone in recent times have been about a river. 2017 for me was a time of challenge - let the Holy Spirit overflow from us and see how he changes lives. It says in Ezekiel 47 ‘Where the river flows, everything will live’ and then the song we have been singing in church goes on to say ‘we claim life in Jesus name!’. I believe the church is being called to overflow with the Holy Spirit in our city, Derry, and that God has given us a promise - If we do this lives will change!

When I came to verse 16 of Joshua 3 one of the things that stood out to me was the name of the city - Adam. Not because it’s my name but because Adam is the first man and represents the sin of the world. The water didn’t stop where the Levites stepped in. It stopped at a city called Adam. There is significance here - The stepping out cut off the sin. When we step out in faith, when we wait on the miracle to happen it opens up a free passage for others to step out of their sin and into the life they have been called to, ‘a life that Jesus can reconcile’.

So what ways are you being asked to step out? Who are the people that you need to step into the water for in order to see the way cleared for them to Jesus? We’re a river flowing in this city but we need to carry a boldness to step out!

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Cornerstone Prayer Focus - Keep the ‘prayer on the streets’ team on your mind today as they step out in faith.