Day 14

In the middle of 1 Kings we meet Elijah; a rather weathered, nomad with a wild feel about him and yet he was a man used by God in remarkable ways. On the mount of Transfiguration Elijah visits Jesus along with Moses as the representative of the combined prophetic voice of the Old Testament.

In 1 Kings 17 we encounter Elijah at a brook. His been hiding here for a while and miraculously being waited on by ravens who bring him food. Finally, God speaks to him and tells him to go to Zarephath where he’ll meet a woman who will look after him.

Arriving at Zarephath, he meets his contact but she doesn’t seem to look anything like the one God said he would meet. The lady he’s watching is bent over, thin and gaunt, scrambling in the dry ground picking up sticks. On the face of it, she’s not the one God said would feed him.

It turns out this lady is full of suicidal intent. The money has run out. The food is gone and so has her husband. Hope is in short supply and with no vision for a future, she’s preparing a last meal for her and her son to eat before lying down and giving up on life.

But this lady had the call of God on her life - and she didn’t know it!

How many people do we see every day who have no idea they carry the call of God?

Elijah talks with her and as she listens, miracles start to happen. Provision is unlocked for the future and hope is restored.

Today, ask God for his vision for everyone you see. You never know who is without hope for the future and feels like giving up. Maybe God has sent you to connect them to hope and purpose in Christ, so be bold, reach out and encourage someone with what you believe God sees in them.

The world is waiting for people like you.

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1 Kings 17 v 7 - 16

Cornerstone Prayer Focus: Let’s pray for our Refresh Team, a group of people who create a warm and welcoming environment after every service paving the way for God to connect hearts and deepen relationships.