Day 15

In November, Claire and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary together. The last three years have been an amazing adventure but we have learnt that the most important elements in keeping our relationship strong and healthy are, good communication, and spending quality time together. 

I would suggest that these are the most important elements in maintaining any healthy relationship, and that also includes our relationship with God. 

We call this communication and time spent with God, prayer, and the Bible tells us that we should pray to God continually. 

But maybe you’re asking yourself, how can I possibly pray to God continually? I have children to look after and a job to go to. I don’t have time to sit and pray all day. 

Well the truth is we have free access to talk to God anytime anyplace, and not just for a moment in the morning. You can speak with God at any point throughout your day, whether it’s in the car, in Tesco, at work, or at home looking after the kids. 

I believe that when we pray to God continually, we will grow in God consistently. 

So if you want to grow in you relationship with God try to develop an on-going conversation with God throughout the day. 

To help us cultivate this lifestyle in our lives let’s set ourselves a personal prayer challenge during the remaining 7 days of prayer and fasting. 

Here is an example for you to follow, but I encourage you to scale it up or down to a level that will personally stretch you. 

Day 15 – Pray 2 times – breakfast & supper
Day 16 – Pray 3 times – breakfast, lunch, & supper
Day 17 – Pray 4 times – breakfast, lunch, dinner, & supper
Day 18 – Pray 6 times – breakfast, morning, lunch, afternoon, dinner & supper Day 19 – Pray 8 times – once every two hours
Day 20 – Pray 12 times – twice every three hours
Day 21 – Pray 16 times – once every hour

Cornerstone Prayer Focus:  Life Groups – as Life Groups launch again in February begin to pray and ask God which group you should join for this upcoming semester. 

Read a little more… 
Colossians 4 v 2
1 Thessalonians 5 v 17