Day 19

Right now I have 1,121 friends on Facebook but I probably only connect with about 20-30 of those on a regular basis. I think most of us who are on Facebook would agree that we have lots of contact but little connection. 

Often the same is true with our faith. We can come into contact with God at any time, in any place, through so many different ways; Sunday services, Life Groups, Podcasts, Conferences, Spotify, the Bible App on our iPhone, but with all this contact are we actually connecting with God? 

If you look at Mark 5:25-34 you will read the story of a woman being healed by Jesus in the middle of a large crowd. When the woman touches Jesus robe she is immediately healed, and at that moment Jesus asks who touched him. The disciples laugh at Jesus and say what do you mean; you’re in the middle of a large crowd, everyone’s touching you!!! But Jesus kept asking and eventually the woman who had been healed comes forward and explains her story. 

This story teaches us, just like Facebook, that contact doesn’t always lead to connection. Everyone in the crowd had contact to Jesus but only the woman had connection with Jesus. 

So we have all this contact to God but how do we make sure we are truly connecting with him? Jesus shows us that the main way we connect with God is through daily personal prayer. Throughout Jesus ministry he always went off by himself to pray to God. (Mark 1:35, 6:46, Luke 5:16, 6:12) If Jesus needed to pray regularly to maintain a good connection with God then we do too. 

During these 21 days of prayer and fasting lets make a commitment to connect with God through prayer on a daily basis. 

Cornerstone Prayer Focus: City Youth – pray that our youth would connect with God through prayer daily.