Day 20

I don’t know what you think biblical honouring is, but let me put it really simply - it’s staying amazed at God. Dishonouring is therefore the opposite - it’s when we stop being amazed by God; when we treat God as common. 

Take a moment now to read the verses at the bottom of this section. At the start of the verses it says ‘those that heard him were amazed.’ But they didn’t stay amazed - they treated him as common.- ‘Isn’t this the carpenter? Isn’t this Mary’s son and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas and Simon? and so on…’ And the moment they stopped being amazed by Jesus, heaven was closed up above them.

Here’s the truth - ‘When they stopped seeing the PERSON of God in him they limited the INFLUENCE of God from him.’

This is dishonour in practice: when we treat as common - when we get used to - the most important people and places in our lives, over time, we become less able to be inspired, led and changed by them. 

When we deliberately ignore our spouse; when we roll our eyes at a song being played at church; when we regularly shove our kids to the side; when we skim off time from our employers and fail to give our best - when we get used to people and places - we sometimes develop a bad attitude that leads us to react in ways that dishonours them.

Could dishonour be the reason why you are not moving on in God? Have you unknowingly closed up heaven above your marriage, your church, your job and family because you have a bad attitude towards them?

Today, why not ask God to help you appreciate his blessings in your life. Why not walk into your work today with a heart that’s grateful and open to being a blessing to your colleagues? This Sunday lets get to church with an optimistic heart and expect to receive from God and give to others. Let’s learn to stay amazed at Jesus and make sure heaven remains open above us so heaven can flow around us.

Read a little more….
Mark 6 v 1 - 6

Cornerstone Prayer Focus: Tony and Jamie Sebastian, our missionaries to Cyprus.