Day 21

Cornerstone is part of a network of churches from all over Ireland called, Christian Churches Ireland (CCI). Lighthouse Church, a CCI church based in Navan, recently launched a brand new church plant in Blanchardstown, Dublin. A few weeks ago, I heard their Lead Pastor Jamie Corcoran share a story about a man called Derek, who was part of their launch team. 

Derek’s prayer was that his family, who didn’t know Jesus, would come along to the launch service, but five weeks before the launch service Derek suddenly dropped dead. His family did not take the news well and were very hostile towards God and the church. 

But five weeks later, at the launch service in Blanchardstown, Derek’s prayer was answered as his family came along to the launch service. 

As I heard this story I began to ask myself, is it possible that God can still answer our prayers even after we’re dead? 

In Luke 1, we read the story of an angel appearing to Zechariah to tell him that him and his elderly wife, Elizabeth, will have a son. In verse 13 the angel says to Zechariah, ‘your prayer has been heard’, but according to scholar William Barclay what the angel is actually saying in this moment is ‘the prayer you no longer pray has been heard’. 

In Revelation 5:8 it tells us that in heaven golden bowls of incense, full of the prayers of all God’s people, are offered up to God. 

These scriptures and Derek’s story teach us that God can answer our prayers after we have stopped praying them, and even when we are no longer alive. 

So as we continue to pray and fast during these 21 days know that your prayers matter. They leave a legacy long after you’ve gone. 

Your prayers outlive you! 

Cornerstone Prayer Focus: Street Pastors – pray that God would continue to answer all the prayers prayed on the streets over the last 10 years.