Day 12

The book of Acts is a wild ride; the nail biting story of the birth of a global, world changing moment we call church. Before you read any more, dive in to Acts 13 v 1 - 3.

Today we read about the church at Antioch seeking wisdom on where the church was going. As they fasted and prayed the Holy Spirit told them to appoint Saul (Paul) and Barnabas to do the work of God. 

Are you facing a big decision? When we’re faced with decisions it seems easier to weigh up the options and go with the best option, without even giving God thought. We’ve all done it. I definitely have!

These guys prayed and fasted before making any decisions. They asked God for wisdom, and guidance. When the Holy Spirit spoke to them, they continued to fast and pray before taking action. Paul and Barnabas went on to minister to many people, seeing incredible moves of God. The leaders honoured God in the decisions being made and in turn God honoured them in the journey He sent them on. 

What are you seeking guidance on? What does God want you to do? Set aside time this week to fast and pray. Spend time with God. Seek Him. Honour Him in the decisions you make, no matter how big or small they seem. When we honour Him, He honours the things He sends us to do. 

Cornerstone Prayer Focus: Take a few seconds to pray for the leaders of our church. Ask God for wisdom and direction in the decisions they make moving forward, and as they honour God, He would honour the work being done.