Day 16

For God is not a God of confusion but of peace. As in all the churches of the saints… But all things should be done decently and in order,’ 1 Corinthians 33 & 40

January can be a time when we get back into the swing of life. We’ve had fun, family and festivities over the Christmas Holidays, and we can get the back to work blues. I know for myself we try to find space for the kids new toys, we rejig cupboards and try to find a place for the new things we've been given. 

For some of us it will be a time for tightening the purse strings, for others trying to tighten the belt. It can seem like the furthest thing from peaceful as we try to restart our lives. 

This can be the case spiritually as well - we may start a new reading plan, commit to having more regular devotions with God or starting fasting. But whatever our January looks like we should remember, “God is not a God of confusion but of peace.” God doesn’t just leave us with that though, he gives the ‘how to’ guide as well - to have order. “But all things should be done decently and in order.” We may have a goal of where we want to get to, but without a plan you may as well be canoeing without a paddle. I encourage you to not just have goals this January but to have a plan and an order on how they are going to happen. We serve a God who created the Heavens and the Earth, and even he had a plan and order for the seven days of creation. This year lets get godly order into our lives and believe for a life that’s covered in the peace of God. 

Cornerstone Prayer Focus: At the start of this year please pray for our Pastoral Share Team help bring order and peace to people’s lives.

If you really want to read about the meticulous planning of God have a read of Exodus 35 – 40 and Genesis 6 v 15-22