Claim it, Name it pt 4

Reading: Reading: Isaiah 9 v 7

‘He will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.’

‘Would you give my head...peace!?’ We've all said it out loud or breathed it in quietly but there’s something in all of us that needs a bit of peace from time to time.

When peace is mentioned in the Bible however, it means more than an absence of strife. To Isaiah it means something more beautiful. To Him peace is a condition in which all things follow their destiny undisturbed.

Its the peace we receive when we experience salvation through faith in Jesus - It’s being at peace with God. In turn, God unfolds a new life for each of us as we walk with Him every day. It means we have access to His will for each of us and nothing can disturb, disrupt or derail His will for you and me.

Isaiah foresaw Jesus as a carrier of peace. He could see Jesus would bring us into peace with His Father; that He would give us a peace that would guard our hearts and minds in the hard days; and enable us to experience the peace He will bring when He returns.

Do you regularly experience the peace of God deep in your soul? The peace God brings is undisturbed by circumstance or trial and is cultivated by spending time with Him. Your peace is a prayer away today.


‘Dear God, thank you that I am at peace with you because of Jesus. Help me to live in peace with you and at peace with myself. Holy Spirit, I ask you to help me experience the deep peace that goes beyond anything I am going through today and may your peace guard my heart and my mind always, Amen.’