Where are you looking for life?

Reading: Matthew 2 v 1 & 2

This is such a special part of the Christmas story, particularly because it involves people beyond the religious, cultural and geographical borders of Judea. In other words, the Magi would have been clueless about the notion of - and the chatter about - a Messiah.

The Magi were Persian priests who as part of their religion extensively studied the stars and became proficient in astrology - the study of the skies. Put simply, they would look for life and it’s meaning from the stars.

Now, we know the meaning of life comes from the maker of the stars, rather than the stars themselves. And yet God in His grace used what the world was looking at to find life and point them towards Jesus.

We’re still looking to the stars to find the future and we continue to connect to all sort of things to discover the meaning of life. Many people seek fulfilment from the money they spend, others seek out fortune tellers, palm readers or consult their ‘guardian angel.’ Others are so discouraged they’ve turned to drink and drugs to quieten the ache in their heart when they discover all of the above can’t fill the gap within.

As a pastor I’ve had the honour of watching God lead people to Jesus following very unlikely ‘stars.’ At Cornerstone we’ve watched as God led people to meet Jesus through discontentment, addiction, boredom, failure, hopelessness, debt, shame and regret.

I don’t know what ‘star’ you’re looking at today in the hope of finding the meaning of your life but are you willing to allow God to lead you to Jesus with it? I hope so, because He’s the only one who will make sense of it all.


‘Dear God, I’ve looked everywhere to find the meaning of my life and I haven’t found it yet. Would you lead me to Jesus and help me discover who He is, who I am and how I can find my life through Him, Amen.’