Born a what?

Reading: Matthew 2 v 1 - 12

I love the question the Magi ask in verse two: ‘Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews?’

It’s a great question but it also holds big clue about who Jesus really is.

They don’t ask ‘Where is the one born to be king of the Jews?’ Their question makes the declaration that Jesus is already king of the Jews.

In our way of thinking a person can be born to become a king or queen. We describe that person as being ‘in line’ to the throne. Usually the reigning monarch has to either abdicate or die before the next in line can ascend the throne.

Not so with Jesus. Jesus was born king.

But the contrasts between royal palaces, gilded thrones and scores of humble servants could not have been farther from the primitive home where the infant Christ was being brought up by two teenagers in the middle of nowhere. And yet whenever the wise men saw the baby, they fell at his tiny feet and worshipped him.

Our belief determines our behaviour. What we deem to be true, we do.

With all the headlines around the world piling up on top of the headlines in our own lives, it can be difficult to look around and discern Christ as King in the middle of everything.

It’s good to be reminded today that Jesus is not waiting for you to love Him more to be king. Jesus is not waiting for governments to notice Him to become king. Jesus is not waiting on a global coronation to make Him king (that day will come!). Regardless of all the headlines, the truth remains: Jesus was born a king and He remains a king.

Do you believe it? Do you really believe Christ is king over your life? Before you serve Him with your gifts, can you bow before Him? Today, why not submit your heart to Him and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the parts of your life where Christ can become king once more.


‘Dear God, thank you for reminding me Jesus is still KING! Holy Spirit please reveal the parts of my life not submitted to the lordship of Jesus and help me have faith to entrust these areas to you for my freedom and my future, Amen.’