Who doesn’t love presents?

Reading: Matthew 2 v 9 - 12

What are you getting for Christmas? Do you like one big present with a few smaller ones or maybe you just like loads of smaller presents? Maybe you’ve handed your other half a list and told them to buy you everything on it or worst of all, you’re one of those people who utter the most frustrating one liners at Christmas: “Surprise me!” 

You can tell a lot about a person from the presents they ask for or the things people buy them. You can tell their favourite brands, hobbies, aspirations or even their occupations, hopes and fears. Artsy coffee making is taking the world by storm right now and I wouldn’t describe myself as a coffee snob, but I won’t thank you for a cup of instant either. So in our house we keep a well stocked Nespresso pod collection - just name your colour! So every anniversary of anything the kids will buy me a bunch of pods - giving away to the world the fact I love a great coffee.

At first glance the gifts the Magi present to Jesus seem baffling - what on earth does a child need gold, incense and myrrh for? But just as your presents reveal something about you, the Magi were revealing to Mary, Joseph and to us today a lot about Jesus. Over the next couple of days, we’re going to take a look at the gifts they gave to Jesus, but in the meantime, pray this simple, effective prayer with me:


‘Dear God, thank you that I can be generous this Christmas. Thank you for the friends and family in my life and may I give more than I receive this year, Amen.’