Stuck in the middle for you

Reading: Matthew 2 v 9 - 12

At the time of writing Great Britain is in the middle of two threatening strikes - one by Southern Railways and another by British Airways cabin crew staff who’ve threatened to walk out over the holiday period. 

The news advised that Southern Railways and their staff trade unions are with an organisation called ACAS which means ‘Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service. When two sides can’t agree on a way forward ACAS will step in and seek reconciliation and try to build a bridge between the two sides.

Strangely enough, this is what the frankincense refers to.

Incense was used extensively by the temple priests during sacrifice and temple offerings, filling the surroundings with the smell of sweet perfume. The latin name for priest is pontifax which literally means ‘bridge builder’ - someone who builds a bridge between God and mankind.

When Mary and Jospeh saw the Frankincense their thoughts would immediately go to the temple and they’d remember seeing the priests use it every day. They’d begin to understand that not only was this baby royalty but Jesus would grow up to become the ultimate priest, building a bridge between us and God. Jesus would grow up to reconcile us to the Father showing us the way forward for today and eternity.

If you are already a believer today, understand the life we live today is possible because of Jesus becoming the bridge between us and God. He made it possible to be forgiven and live in community with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. If you’re not a Christian, the frankincense reminds us that faith in this child as our ultimate priest is the only way to restoration with God. The way is clear, the price has been paid - there’s nothing we have to do to earn right standing with God. Jesus has already built the bridge. Perhaps today you’d like to ask Him to help you cross over into new life with Him.


‘Dear God, thank you for taking the lead on our rescue. Thank you for sending your Son to become the bridge between you and me, between heaven and earth. Thank you for the life I live because of Jesus and what’s He has made possible, Amen.’


If you’d like to become a Christian, then pray this simple prayer: ‘Dear God, thank you for Jesus. You sent Him to pay the price for my sins and to make it possible to know you and live for you. I’m sorry for all the wrong things I have done. Help me turn my life around and follow you forever. Take the reins of my life and may I follow you, love and serve you forever more, Amen.’

If you’ve prayed that prayer - well done! Please send a message to letting us know your name and if you’d like a follow up call and someone from our Next Steps team will be in touch.