Never mind the ducks

Reading: Matthew 2 v 13 - 23

Everything starts with a dream.

Dreams can be something we vaguely remember from the previous nights sleep. A dream can be a vivid picture of a preferred future. A dream can be inspiring thoughts and even pictures and words from God. Advances in technology began in someone’s head before reaching our hands; an organisation’s direction and vision takes shape in a leaders mind before making it to the ears of those they lead and even as we read the bible, it’s living words help shape God’s dream for us. In any event, everything begins with a dream.

In our verses we read about Joseph and God’s primary way of communicating personally to him through dreams. By the time we finish our reading, we discover God has spoken to Joseph three times by dreams.

What makes the story remarkable is Joseph’s complete compliance to them. We’ll never know whether he second guessed himself - he’d plenty of reason to - but nevertheless he moved in response to the revelation he received. As we move towards the end of this year and the beginning of 2017 we inevitably consider the things we’d like to change about our lives. We begin to make uncompromising deals with ourselves and mentally arrange our health, finance and faith ducks into some sort of row.

But I wonder if you have a persistent dream from a source you trust?

Joseph complied with the dream because Joseph believed the source of the dream.

Perhaps in 2017 you need to spend less time arranging your ducks and instead pursue the -persistent, gnawing, just won’t go away - dream you believe God is calling you to. Maybe it’s time to shift the dream from your head into your hands.

That might be a change in career; it might mean back to school; it could be Bible College; it could be time to begin a family; what about starting your own business or charity for a cause you love? Whatever the dream is - and you can’t shake it - why not talk more to God about it? Talk with a trusted friend too and taken together make some big decisions in 2017 that could change everything but lead you into the life God is calling you to live. 


‘Dear God, thank you for Jospeh’s inspiring example of hearing AND responding to your dreams. I too have a dream I believe is from you. Continue to speak to me and help me make the right decision in line with your dream for my life. In Jesus name, Amen.’