‘Dethroning King Stomach’ (Jentzen Franklin)

Reading: Psalm 41 v 1 - 3

There is something we desire more than food. Rather there is someone we desire more than food. As Christians - above all else - we desire more of Jesus. More of His presence, His influence, His power, anointing and His glory to be seen in our world.

The psalmist in our reading today reveals his deepest longing and his deepest need. He is desperate for a revelation of God.

From 1 January and every day of the month, as a church we are going to fast for 31 days. Jentzen Franklin in his book ‘Fasting’ defines fasting as ‘refraining from food for a spiritual purpose’ and over the next couple of days we’re going to look at fasting as we begin 2017 believing for breakthrough in our lives, our church and our wonderful city.

Listen, if you're content with your life and way things are, then carry on as normal. But I wonder if you are all that content?

Chances are you’d like to see your spouse or a relative come through for Christ or have your kids deepen their faith? You’re maybe the only Jesus follower in your year group and you’re hungry for your prayers to be answered and the power of the Holy Spirit released in you! Perhaps you need a miracle, a breakthrough of some kind. As a church we are so excited about the good news of Jesus were we are desperate to see many more come to a living faith in Jesus. We’re so excited to take occupation of our new building and we’d love to see this sooner than later. We’d love to reach out into other towns in the North West and birth brand new churches - we’re so grateful for all God has done in 2016, but we’re not content to settle there. 

Fasting for a spiritual purpose -  It’s a spiritual gauntlet. It’s a private shift of our personal priorities. It reveals for better or worse the god we're really serving.

Are you in? You could chose one day and fast on that day. You might decide to fast on a particular day of the week for the month; you might even decide to fast for two or three consecutive days of every week. However the Lord enables, make no mistake: fasting for a spiritual purpose releases spiritual power.


‘Dear God, thank you for 2016, but I’m not content to have another year like it. I want more of you. More of you in my own life, my family, my church and my community. I acknowledge you as Lord of my life, so lead me closer to you through this new season of fasting and prayer, in Jesus name, Amen.’