Nobody remembers who comes second!

Reading: Matthew 6 v 16 - 18

Just as praying first thing in the morning covers your activity for the day, fasting and praying together at the start of the year will set the tone for all that happens within our church in 2017.

We noted earlier that fasting resets priorities and leads us to placing God first in our lives. In response we give him the first of everything about us - our prayer from the first light of day, our tithe as we return the first share from our income and, as we fast in January, we give to him the first part of our year.

What if our only resolution in 2017 was more of God? We love our church and we love all the ways in which we connect to our communities. We love Active Listening and Christians Against Poverty. We love I Heart Derry and Street Pastors. We love our Life Groups as we gather together to grow and to serve others and we love supporting missions around the world. We own a world class, city centre facility that continually shouts to our city about the reality of Jesus. Is there anything we do that needs less of God?

I don't think so. 

In a couple of days we begin a month long journey to refrain from food for a spiritual purpose - to set the tone of heaven over this house and to see God bring breakthrough to those things he has called us to do. Be a part of it.


‘Dear God, thank you that I’m connected to a great local church dedicated to making Jesus famous. We need your power to breathe through everything you’ve called us to. As I set time aside to place you first through fasting, may our church see your kingdom come in fresh and life giving ways. In Jesus name, Amen.’