Miracle Territory

Reading: Luke 1 v 5 - 13

Chatter. This is a word you hear a lot in movies and box sets about spies who listen to chatter to pick up any impending threat.

In the time of our reading today, there was loads of chatter. Chatter of when the Messiah would arrive; the spiritual atmosphere was intense and becoming more intense with each passing day.

In the middle of this charged atmosphere was Zechariah a priest and a godly man. It’s his turn to burn the incense in the temple and as he does so an angel visits him with incredible news about his prayer for a child.

In verse eighteen, Zechariah questions God (as you do) asking, ‘How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and my wife is well along in years.’

What’s interesting to me is this: If I am old and my wife is past child bearing age, am I still believing for a child? Sure, when it seemed possible, I would have prayed for a child, but now that’s it’s physically unlikely, will I still pray for it to happen? I think not.

What if Zechariah had already stopped praying prayers for a child? Could this mean that God still answers prayers we no longer pray?

What prayers have you stopped praying because the outcome seems impossible?

I believe Zechariah and Elizabeth had long stopped praying for a child. Yet God had not forgotten and in His timing chose to maximise His power and glory through them.

God has not forgotten a single prayer you’ve prayed, even if you have. And he will answer them in a way that reveals his wonder at just the right time.


‘Dear God, thank you for remembering every prayer I pray. Deepen my heart to talk with you, trust in you and rest in your perfect plan and timing. Amen.’