Have it your way!

Reading: Luke 1 v 26 - 38

The angel Gabriel didn’t stop with Zechariah. Later, he visited Mary.

Whereas Zechariah queried Gabriel, Mary’s response could hardly have been more agreeable - even though she had more to lose than just her voice.

Mary was engaged to be married to Joseph but to be pregnant and unmarried brought you a quiet divorce or a noisy stoning. Even though Mary knew all this, her faith filled response to God’s messenger was: “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.”

In other words, “Lord, have it your way; your will be done.” How could Mary, a teenager believe more easily than a veteran priest? 

Maybe because of age. Over time our brain becomes a box. It becomes less able to comprehend new things - even the nature of God. We become more aware of safety than risk, comfort over chaos. But young Mary had a mind flexible enough with faith to believe in the impossible and would have been less intimidated by the risks involved. 

Perhaps Zechariah was disappointed by some degree with God. Perhaps he had spoken too many unanswered prayers up until his own visitation from Gabriel numbing him to the possibility of God moving in his life.

Or maybe Zechariah had got used to God. Being a priest was a high and noble calling and to be used to burn incense in the Holy Place would have been a ministry highlight. But often devotion for God becomes duty to God. Mary on the other hand was devoted to the Lord and from her devotion she birthed her duty - to carry the Son of God in utero.

Has your faith settled into comfort mode? Are you disappointed at God? Is your relationship with God going through the motions and your once enthusiastic devotion has become a dry duty?


‘Dear God, ignite my faith, lead me forward and feel free to tear down every box I’ve put you in. Lord Jesus, have it your way. May it be to me as you have said.’