There’s always Plan C

Reading: Matthew 1 v 18 - 23

There must have been a moment in Joseph’s life when he wondered what on earth he’d done hooking up with Mary.

On the face of it she looked like a good, respectable girl. From a good family and like himself loved God. A marriage made in heaven. And so it was. It just didn't look like it at first.

Can you imagine his emotions as Mary began to tell him about the baby?! Did his head spin and his stomach churn as words like ‘pregnant’ and ‘baby’ hit him full on like ballistic missiles of betrayal? Did he even hear the bit about Gabriel, God and the Christ at first?

Men want to fix trauma, quickly. Joseph considered two options: a quiet divorce or a noisy, public stoning. He went with Plan A, until God offered Plan C.

There’s always Plan C. But we need faith to access it. What’s faith? Faith is the ability to look at life from God’s point of view (POV). His POV lifts us higher to see farther and from his POV, there’s always another way.

What are you facing today that has no way out other than what you can see before you? What news have you heard that’s left you reeling on the ropes, looking for a quick fix? Have you considered faith - looking at your life from God’s POV. Get on your knees, get in front of the Bible and filter your stuff through his WORD and watch Plan C evolve.


‘Dear God, I’m on the ropes today and I don’t like my options. Through your word and Holy Spirit, let me see my life from your point of view. Lift me higher so I can see farther. Amen.’