God’s turning on the light

Reading: Isaiah 9 v 2 & John 3 v 19

Nothing has more influence than light. Shine light on anything and it changes - planet earth as night time gives way to dawn, switch on a lamp in a dark room or shine car lights on foggy road - light changes everything.

In our first reading today Isaiah reveals two things: what the infant Jesus will grow up to become -  ‘a great light’ and why He was coming: to be a light to ‘people walking in darkness.’ In our second reading John confirms what Isaiah prophesied.

But Jesus goes further. Describing himself as ‘the light of the world,’ he goes on to describe Christians in the very same way - we are called ‘the light of the world’ (Matt 5 v 14) by the ‘light of the world.’ 


Because Jesus expects you and me to go to people walking in darkness. Millions of people around the world are living with their ‘eyes wide shut,’ blinded by the ‘god of this age.’ Yet Jesus is mobilising human torches fuelled by Divine power to show the world the way to a forgiven and fulfilled life.

Today, you have a tremendous ability to influence the world around you by turning on the light within you. How can you shine your light, how can you lead and guide others towards Jesus? Simple - do something that helps people see the reality of Jesus in you.


'Dear God, thank you for the power at work in me. Help me to use this power to burn brightly to others for you. May you use my life today to show people the reality of Jesus Christ, his love and hope for them, Amen.’