Claim it, name it pt 1!

Reading: Isaiah 9 v 7

‘He will be called Wonderful Counsellor...’

Judith and I can remember sitting in the coffee shop in Debenhams with a child names book each thinking and dreaming about what to name our children. Of course, we were in the unusual situation of being able choose all our favourites in one go! In the end we choose strong names, rich with meaning and now we can look back and see the meaning in each of their names unfolding before us. Like every parent, we’re excited to see our children walk into the destiny God has for each of them.

Through the lens of prophetic revelation Isaiah sees the Messiah and with the titles he uses, he reveals to us Christ’s nature and his role.

Wonderful in ancient Hebrew means ‘hard.’ It’s used in Genesis 18 when the LORD announced the birth of Isaac to the aging Abraham and Sarah. When Sarah laughed in her heart, the LORD, knowing she laughed, said, “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” ‘Wonderful’ then means extraordinary and/or marvellous.

Counsellor in ancient Hebrew means ‘one who plans,’ and carries with it the ability to see ahead. One bible commentator says it is having ‘the wisdom to rule.’ Jesus had supernatural insight into the hearts of men and into the hearts of those who would follow him as his disciples. Even a cursory read through the gospels shows Jesus as one with unrivalled insight into the hearts and lives of all.

Taken together ‘Wonderful Counsellor’ means Jesus has supernatural insight into the world and the hearts of men and is uniquely qualified to lead them towards an abundant life. Today, lets consider Jesus as worthy to follow. Let’s understand he knows us better than we know ourselves and let’s decide to trust him with our daily lives.


‘Dear God, I’m grateful that Jesus knows me better than I know myself. I’m glad we serve a God who can relate to our lives and continually seeks to lead us forward. May we follow you today in all that we do, Amen.’