Claim it, Name it pt 2

Reading: Isaiah 9 v 7

‘He will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God…’

Understanding just how strong God is, is impossible. We go to the the gym and lift impressive weights and then watch someone else lift more weight than we do! We can travel along a coastal road on a stormy day and watch the power of the sea take strength to another level. Even as we fly high above the earth and look down we can marvel at the sheer power it takes to keep the world turning. And yet, as powerful as all these are, they can’t come close to the strength and power of Jesus. This is a comforting thought today.

Isaiah not only reveals a supernatural leader, but a mighty God who has power beyond our comprehension.

In John 8 v 58 Jesus affirms himself as the Old Testament God saying, “I tell you the truth, before Abraham was, I Am!” Earlier in chapter one of John’s gospel, John reveals Christ’s central role on creation - “Through him all things were made.” And Jesus goes further and reveals the manner upon which He will return. In Matthew 24 v 30 He says this - “…They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, wth power and great glory.”

Today, let’s consider the little baby born in a manger as God Incarnate - not only a Wonderful Counsellor, but a mighty, life giving, life changing, universe creating God who, by His Holy Spirit, lives in you in real time every day. Where do you feel weak today? Where do you need God to breakthrough in his limitless strength today?


‘Dear God, thank you for reminding me of your limitless strength today. Your word says my weakness is perfected in your strength - make me strong today. Strong for our marriage, our children, our church and the world we live in. May I have faith to live strong because of you today, Amen.’