Claim it, Name it pt 3

Reading: Isaiah 9 v 7

‘He will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father…’

2016 has been a poor year for political pollsters. Brexit and the recent US presidential elections revealed just how wrong pollsters called it. There are many reasons why the results where not what was expected (that are beyond the scope of the devotional) but one thing is clear: it’s hard to predict opinion in a world that’s changing so fast. I read somewhere online that technology has advanced more in the past 150 years than in every other era of human history combined.

While all of us believe with some conviction that progress is a good thing, Christians believe the God we journey to is the God we journey with.

As the world changes we believe God is with us and yet as the Alpha and Omega, God is at the end of all things too. Isaiah sees this as well. He describes Jesus as the Everlasting Father - the Father for all time. While it may seem confusing to refer to the Son as the Father, what’s important for us to understand today is that Jesus is the same ‘yesterday, today and forever.’

Regardless of the presidential powers, earthy governments and local assemblies - God is still the same. Whether the pace of life slows down or speeds up - God is still the same. Whether revival happens or not - Christ is still the same. He’s our ‘Everlasting Father’: the One true constant in our lives, for all time.


‘Dear God, thank you for remaining true throughout the ages. Even as my life changes and the seasons change, I am encouraged that you remain the same. Amen.’