Reconciling People to God, and People to People

The City Team is a large group of enthusiastic servant leaders who make everything happen on Sundays, conferences and other special events. Serving over three areas, every member of the church is encouraged to lead others to Jesus in a variety of ways.


City Team is comprised of -


A team of musicians, technical wizards & media savvy people who help us worship, remain visually relevant and ensure we can see and hear everything clearly.


This team lives to make sure everyone in church feels welcomed - whether its your first time or one hundredth! Our hosts will help you from ‘car park to pew;’ our Refresh team will brew our own special blend of filtered coffee and serve you delicious brownies after the service and our Advance Team are the early starters, equipping our venue for church while our City Lounge Team are always eager to to welcome new people whether new to church or new to faith.


A large band of big kids who love nothing more than seeing God’s promises and purposes emerging from young lives. Committed to making church the best part of their week, our team are vetted, trained and carry our kids in their hearts.