Reconciling People to God, and People to People

City Kids

Kids should have fun at church!

At City Kids, we provide a fun, safe and creative programme for children to explore and grow their faith in Jesus. Through games, music, crafts and bible stories, children will learn of Jesus' unconditional love for them and His amazing purpose for their life! In order to maximise their time in church, we register your kids - mostly to get to know them and learn how best to serve them. City Kids registration opens from 9.45 am. You’ll meet our friendly City Kids team at the big purple registration bar. You’ll also connect with the City Kids Team serving on that day. Our City Kids team will show you where your child will be during the service and how to collect them once the service concludes.

City Kids is divided into the following age groups:

TotZone 1 (6 months - crawlers)

TotZone 2 (walkers - 2 years)

MiniZone (3 years old - Year 1)

KidZone (Year 2 - Year 7)