Reconciling People to God, and People to People



When we read the New Testament there are two obvious questions we need to ask…

Firstly, does my life look like the life of a disciple?

Secondly, and most importantly, do I want it to? 

At the CSM these are the questions that drive the future that God is calling us into. 

If you are hungry to step into all the Father has for you, hungry to see the Kingdom being released in you and through you, and hungry to see lives touched by God and transformed forever then CSM could be for you. 



We believe that when Jesus commissioned his disciples to bring transformation to the nations He also commissioned us. As Jesus followers our goal is to see people step into their Identity, Authority and Assignment as they release hope and life to the city, and beyond, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

CSM is not like any normal school. Our goal is not just to inform you with information but to bring revelation which brings the transformation of God. 

We uncover Kingdom truths together in a space where taking risks is normal and encouraged, and then activated as we take these Kingdom truths to the city.


teaching curriculum

Trusted Rulers
Emotional Health
Kingdom Theology 
Spiritual Formation
The Holy Spirit


Teaching & Outreach: Tuesday 10am to 3pm
Worship & Devotions: Friday 10am to 11.30am
Outreach: Friday 12pm to 3pm
Serving: Sunday 10am & 12pm
(Students serve one service and attend another)



A key part of the CSM is ‘activating’ our teaching, and stepping out and putting it into action. Discipleship isn’t only about what you know, it’s also about what you do - we are commissioned to imitate Jesus in his words and his works. As we step out in boldness and faith we will see His kingdom coming in presence and power, and we get to be part of the story the Father is writing over our city.

Some of the types of outreach you will do:

Prayer on the Streets
Street Evangelism
Treasure Hunting
Coffee Shop Prophecy
Food Giveaways
Door To Door Evangelism 



Accelerate Days: A few times each year we bring in trusted Fathers & Mothers who release and accelerate Kingdom cultures

I Heart Derry 2020: Our annual missions week in July where we release God’s love and hope in our city through a variety of different outreaches and events 

Residential Retreat: An intentional trip together to revive, reveal and release more of what the Father has for us  

(Optional Extra)

Missions Trip: An opportunity to serve locally, nationally or internationally


The school year runs from the end of September until mid July, and is split into three terms, with breaks between each term. The year ends with I Heart Derry 2020. 

Term 1: Starts Tuesday 24th September – Sunday 22nd December 

(inc. a mid-term break in October)

Term 2: Starts Tuesday 7th January – Sunday 12th April

(inc. a mid-term break in February) 

Term 3: Starts Tuesday 21st April – Sunday 19th July


Jesus tells us that the goal of discipleship is to become like your master and as we journey to becoming more like Jesus there will be an expectation of self-leadership in order to live a transformational life. It is our commitment to help each student, as much as possible, to become a mature follower of Jesus. With this there comes levels of commitment and responsibility.

As we place our lives before God as a living sacrifice, on which revival fires burn, it is our commitment to journey towards holiness and purity in every area of our lives. This directly impacts both our life in private and in public.



We are a tier 5 organisation with the UK Visa and Immigrations department. This means that we are able to sponsor visas for international students. Following your application we may need further information to complete your visa process.


extra opportunities

As well as participating in the CSM, there is also an opportunity for students to participate in the running of ministries within Cornerstone City Church. 

Cornerstone is a vibrant church seeking to build a great city, release life, and (to quote John Piper) see the supremacy of Christ in every corner of our community. If students wish to learn how to lead in a hands on ministry setting, then this is a great opportunity to learn and grow.

Our desire is not to just have students serve our vision, but to identify what the Father has placed on them and to equip them to release it, not only in our city, but whenever they return home.

To this end, we will tailor each experience individually (as much as possible) according to the students divine destiny, all the while participating in a broad range of activities within the church.

Some of the areas students feel passionate about may include:

Kids’ Ministry
Youth Ministry
Church Planting/Leadership
And more

Through honest and honouring leadership, we will help students to clarify their assignment and what the Father is speaking over them. 

There is no extra cost to this.


financial information

Course Fee
Full Fee
- £700
Early Bird Rate Fee
- £600 (by 31st May 2019)
This fee covers the course materials and residential retreat. 

Deposit of £150 required on confirmation of place, with remaining amount to be paid by 2nd September 2019.

Maintenance Fee – £3000
The maintenance fee covers rent, utility bills and transport to CSM and Internship related activities.

Payment options:
Pay entire fee of £3000 by 2nd September 2019
Pay in two instalments: first instalment of £1500 due 2nd September 2019 and second instalment of £1500 due 2nd March 2020

Additional Costs (to be budgeted for and covered by the student)
Food (estimated at £30 per week)
Missions Trip (varying cost depending on location)
Travel to Derry (including flights if travelling internationally)
International Visa (please refer to government website for costs)

Students will be required as part of the application form to sign a commitment to agreeing to the financial implications of attending CSM as outlined above. It is the student’s responsibility to fulfil all financial obligations, even in the event of leaving CSM early. 



Application deadline: 15th July 2019

Confirm your place by 31st May 2019 and receive early our bird rate

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Residency *
Are you currently *
How many dependents do you have?
What do you currently do for work?
Please outline how you came to faith and what you are passionate about
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Have you read, understood and agreed to the financial information and policy?
Have you organised financial support for the year?
Pastoral Reference Name *
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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY: Students will be required as part of this application form to sign a commitment agreeing to the financial implications of attending Cornerstone School of Mission as outlined previously; that they agree to organise their support in advance of starting and that they agree that it is their responsibility to cover their entire living expenses as well as pay for the year on time. I state that all information contained in this application is correct and true. If Cornerstone City Church is to find any information to be false, it will result in my immediate dismissal from CSM. I understand that completion of this application in no way guarantees acceptance or enrollment as a student in CSM. I agree to abide by CSM ‘Code of Conduct’ and I agree to follow the decisions of the leadership of Cornerstone City Church and the full schedule of the school. I agree to pay all fees and the relevant living expenses in accordance to the commitments outlined previously in the Financial Policy. I exempt Cornerstone City Church from all claims for compensation which might occur during my period of study.
If you agree with the Financial Policy Agreement above then please type your name below.