At Cornerstone City we are honoured to be involved in a wide variety of initiatives and ministries. Please click ‘WHAT WE DO’ to learn more about what we do.

At Cornerstone City Church our mission is as memorable as it is meaningful. We exist to ‘Bring Love to Life.’ As God brought love to our lives by sending us His only Son, we feel compelled to bring the love of Christ to as many lives as we can, confident that the good news of salvation is as relevant today as ever.

Our strategy is displayed above:

Cornerstone City Church

Cornerstone City Care

Cornerstone City Connect


Take a few moments and listen to three short stories of how Jesus Christ is making a real different in a variety of ways and in a variety of arenas across the city and beyond.


Here you’ll see proposed floor plans for a seven hundred seater auditorium, an informal yet elaborate meeting place with plenty of connection space to enjoy friends, quality tea and coffee and enjoy the atmosphere of faith after each service. Phase Three will have rooms for City Kids, designed with them in mind, a place they’ll long to come to and bring their friends. With a city centre presence, main road frontage and a multi storey car park immediately adjacent to the church, we’re excited with all the heavenly possibilities for the future of our city, our people and our island.



Pray with us!

Every step is a step of faith and as such we’re keen to God’s green light in every move we make. We’d love you to especially pray for:

our wonderful city and all the plans God has in store for it’s future;
Cornerstone City Church as we seek to discern our part in the plans God has for out city and beyond;
wisdom to build for our future and not just our present;
continuing Holy Spirit inspired leadership as we move forward and more love to more lives.

Partner with us!

Since 2014 Cornerstone City Church have raised considerable sums to aid with the purchase, fit out and completion of Phases One (our administration hub) and Two (our interim Sunday meeting space with services beginning this September). Continuing to have ‘skin in the game’ Cornerstone remain committed to play their part in Phase Three. We also acknowledge the desire of many around the world to see a local, life giving church thrive in a city as diverse as ours and would therefore have the heart to financially be a part of what God is building in Ireland. The estimated conversion costs for Phase Three are estimated to be around £1 million sterling. We anticipate this amount to be raised in a variety of ways: within the church, corporate banking as well as private donations from local, national and international friendships and relationships.

If you would like to partner with us financially, you can donate by contacting our Lead Pastor Brian Somerville at the bottom of the page.


If your heart has been stirred and maybe even tugged about Phase Three, we’d love to host you in Derry. Why not consider traveling to visit our church and see for yourself everything God is doing in Derry and beyond. We’ll be sure to show you the sights and sounds as well as discuss our heart and hopes for the future. To begin a conversation about arranging a visit, please connect with Pastor Brian Somerville here...

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