father's crown


Lamb of God from Heavens throne, 

Sent down to call the broken home

Yet as He loved, they laughed and mocked

They led their savior to the cross


His body hung between two thieves, 

Nails piercing through His hands and feet

The veil was torn with one last cry

Our sins amidst the darkened sky


You bore my burdens, my guilt and my shame

My sins forgotten, but your love it remains

The cross at Calvary led to the empty grave

Risen and exalted Lord Jesus you reign


The Father's love, for all to see

Defined the course of all humanity

A vacant tomb found on day three

The grave claimed nothing but our victory


I see the Father's crown

Upon your thorn pierced brow

I see your blood poured out over me


You broke the power of hell

The day that Satan fell

You have won the victory




Written by Jeanine Dentith & Adam Montgomery. Copyright Cornerstone City Church