'But when the right time came, God sent His Son. God sent Him to buy FREEDOM for us.'

Today, many hearts are held behind the invisible bars of an invisible cage. These cages come in different sizes with different names; they seek to cut short our dreams, deny our potential and undermine our self worth.

What if 2016 could be different?

Within the heart of the Beautiful Conference 2016, is a desire for you to encounter true and lifelong FREEDOM through the love, grace and power of Jesus Christ. Only Jesus brings this; FREEDOM that opens the cage door, allows you to fly and leads you to soar - into contentment, joy and a constant hope for your future.

And as we encounter true FREEDOM, we will then declare FREEDOM to those in our worlds, who do not yet know what it is to be free.

It's time to open some cages.

Welcome to the Beautiful Conference 2016.

welcome to freedom

sat 12th march // 10am-6pm // guildhall, derry/L'derry

your speakers

JEN BAKER is passionate about inspiring others and living life to the full! Since 1995 she has ministered within the United States, Africa and Europe.

Originally from the US, Jen followed the call of God to England in 2003. She is a speaker, author, the Associate Pastor of Hope City London, and Anti-Trafficking Director at City Hearts.

Her preaching challenges and unlocks personal potential within others, equipping them through revelation of the Father's love and His designed purpose for every person.

JUDITH SOMERVILLE serves with her husband, Brian, in the leadership of Cornerstone City Church, bringing love to life to the city of Derry/L'derry.

She is privileged to lead Beautiful, the women's ministry of Cornerstone City Church, and loves to see women of every age living each day in the love, purpose, and freedom that Jesus brings.

Judith and Brian enjoy life with their 'fabulous four', Sarah, Peter, Lucy and Charlotte.

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