Following Jesus Christ is the most thrilling adventure on the earth!

In Christ we’re certain of our place in heaven and to collide with our purpose in the world.

We believe God calls everyone to make Jesus famous. Regardless of your age or ability
Jesus wants you to discover your God given purpose and commit to an effective, fulfilling life.

The Greenhouse at Cornerstone City Church offers a year of intense growth for
people who know God has more and are determined to fine tune their faith to discover it.

Maybe you’re new to faith and excited to explore. Perhaps you can’t escape the persistent but
undoubted stir within as God calls you to go deeper with him. What if you feel God is calling you to change the vocational path of your life towards full time ministry? Do you want to invest one year into your local church? Could God be leading you to sow your gap year at
Cornerstone City Church in Derry, Ireland?

Whatever your reason to consider The Greenhouse, a year of intense growth will bring clarity to your calling, deepen your relationship with God and focus your skills for an informed next step.


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