Reconciling People to God, and People to People

Welcome to I HEART

The missions hub of Cornerstone City Church. Take a moment and browse the many ways we bring God’s love to life in our city and beyond:

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A week long festival of faith every July when we host pumping kids clubs, on street prayer, soccer tournaments and a local community building project. Partnering with a number of US churches, I Heart DY serves the city with around two hundred committed volunteers.

This years I Heart DY is from 2nd-7th July. To Sign up click below:

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Street Pastors began life as a late night ministry to city centre users over the weekends. Offering ing tea, coffee and soup to all, Street Pastors offered a safe space for vulnerable people seeking protection, warmth and a way home. Today, Street Pastors also serve in the A & E Department of our local hospital as well as serving young people out late at night in St Columb’s Park on the city’s Waterside.


Cornerstone manages the Foyle CAP Centre and it’s been our joy to watch many people from across the city break free from the weight of debt. Served by a dedicated team within the church our CAP clients can learn to manage finances, to save and discover there’s life beyond debt.


Working with Active Listening NI, a dedicated team within the church are trained to take referrals via the PSNI from people often in distress with the hope to meet up and listen to their story. Often Active Listeners will signpost their clients to other agencies for further help and sometimes friendship develop too!


Extreme is a team of incredible young people bringing Scripture Union to the amazing children of Lisnagelvin Primary School. Meeting each week, Extreme is full on, bright and bouncy and always carries a great message relevant to children lives.