Kids Songs Resource PAck

Here at Cornerstone we love to write music and as we approached our summer camp (Kids Week) this year we had the idea of creating our own kids worship. Our aim was to write fun, engaging music that speaks the truth of the gospel to kids. We had so much fun doing this but we had WAY more fun seeing kids dance to and sing these songs. How great! Since then, stories of kids singing these songs in their homes, in their cars and with their families has been heartwarming.

So, maybe you run a kids programme at a church, a school or in a community. We would love to offer you this free resource to use whatever way you want in the hope that it might bless other events, churches and most importantly kids and their families.

Below we have song lyrics, chord charts, song lyric videos and audio files of the three songs for you to download.


Download the whole bundle for free by clicking below

or download individual files and videos by clicking the buttons below each video

he loves me

my everything

Over & over