Reconciling People to God, and People to People


Reconciling People to God, and People to People is our aim as a church. We look to empower people to live out lives where they connect people to the incredible life that Jesus has for them. All our areas of mission are to equip this radical way of living.


School Of Mission

We believe that when Jesus commissioned his disciples to bring transformation to the nations He also commissioned us. As Jesus followers our goal is to see people step into their Identity, Authority and Assignment as they release hope and life to the city, and beyond, through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Teaching: Tuesday 10:00am - 12:00pm
Outreach: Tuesday and Friday Afternoons


A key part of the School of Mission is ‘activating’ our teaching, and stepping out and putting it into action. Discipleship isn’t only about what you know, it’s also about what you do - we are commissioned to imitate Jesus in his words and his works. As we step out in boldness and faith we will see His kingdom coming in presence and power, and we get to be part of the story the Father is writing over our city.

Some of the types of outreach you will do: 

  • Prayer on the Streets

  • Street Evangelism

  • Treasure Hunting

  • Coffee Shop Prophecy

  • Food Giveaways

  • Servant Evangelism 


On Street Prayer

This is exactly what it sounds like. We meet together and offer prayer on the streets to anybody passing by. This is an opportunity for us to pray into the lives of the people in our city and also a chance to share the message of the Gospel.


I Heart DY

A week long festival of faith every July when we host a pumping kids clubs, on street prayer, mobile medics, a football and dance academy, and a local community project. Partnering with a number of international churches, I Heart DY is a intensive week of serving and impacting our city.


A&E Street Pastors

Street Pastors began life as a late night ministry to city centre users over the weekends. Offering tea, coffee and soup to all, Street Pastors offered a safe space for vulnerable people seeking protection, warmth and a way home. Today, Street Pastors serve in the A&E Department of our local hospital.