Reconciling People to God, and People to People

The life of a follower of Jesus is never a static thing - God has called you to bring his love in Christ to the world. In response we really value taking the Next Step.


Every service we create a moment to allow everyone to respond to the message. as part of this response many people decide to become a Christian - a life committed to following Jesus. When this happens we invite people who are new to faith to begin a short course where we will help them learn more about the amazing life they have stepped into.


 Discovery is a healthy ‘on ramp’ for anyone who wants to make Cornerstone their home church. Hosted twice a year over three weeks, in Discovery you’ll learn what makes the church tick, what your gifts are and have an opportunity to join in. 


Currently under construction, Pathways to Purpose is an in house leadership pipeline dedicated to growing dynamic leaders who want to do more for God in Cornerstone and beyond.


The Greenhouse is the name of our year long intern programme. We offer a full time, part time two day and part time one options and is open to everyone of any age. Every area of church life is encountered and the Greenhouse provides and excellent way to test your calling, spend a gap year or simply serve the local church for a year. Running from September to July, the Greenhouse is a year of intense growth.


A wonderful team of people who love to walk alongside everyone when they need it most. We all go through harder times in life and it’s in these seasons we need the wise, gentle and Godly counsel of our Pastoral Share Team. While our Life Groups offer the first line in pastoral care, our PST exists when further intervention is required.


Cornerstone City Church belongs to a network of likeminded churches called Christian Churches Ireland. CCI exists to strengthen churches, raise leaders and help plant new churches across the country. We play an active role and our Lead Pastor currently serves on the National Leadership Team of CCI.