Empowered - Louise Goudie

At February's Encounter Paddy was speaking on the power of our testimony and how powerful our story is. He talked about when we are exposed to what God is doing we are then empowered to carry that to other places and to other people. 

At the end there was an opportunity to get prayer for healing. A few weeks prior to this night I had ruptured ligaments in my foot playing badminton. Since I injured my foot I had learned to tolerate the pain so when the call came to come forward, I didn't really think much of it. Eventually I decided I would go forward, what did I have to lose? 

Anne Finn prayed a really simple prayer of healing and as soon as she had finished I went straight to the kitchen to get some water and thought 'I better check this out'...and guess what -  it's was perfect. I had full movement and no pain! I was in shock! God had healed my foot. 

After sharing what had just happened with a couple of people, it was time to put Paddy's message into action. Catherine Falls had come forward for prayer as she had an issue with her chest which was resulting in back pain. So I prayed for her along with a few others and God turned up and healed Catherine's back. 

Since that night I've been in awe of the Father's Heart for us, his kids and his desire to see us healthy and well.