At Cornerstone City Church we’re really keen to make sure you feel at home. So when you plan to join any of our services, it’s important that you wear what makes you happy. Whether it’s Bootleg, Skinny, Flares or a tailored two piece, there's a seat with your name on it!


Lisneal College has very accessible parking with 2 large car parks on site. There are disabled car parking spaces situated immediately in front of the entrance.


Kids should have fun at church!

At City Kids, we provide a fun, safe and creative programme for children to explore and grow their faith in Jesus. Through games, music, crafts and bible stories, children will learn of Jesus' unconditional love for them and His amazing purpose for their life! In order to maximise their time in church, we register your kids - mostly to get to know them and learn how best to serve them. City Kids registration opens from 10.15 am. You’ll meet our friendly City Kids team at the big purple registration bar. You’ll also connect with the City Kids Team serving on that day. Our City Kids team will show you where your child will be during the service and how to collect them once the service concludes.

City Kids is divided into the following age groups:

TotZone 1 (6 months - crawlers)

TotZone 2 (walkers - 2 years)

MiniZone (3 years old - Year 1)

KidZone (Year 2 - Year 7)


From the moment you walk through the front door until you leave the building, we want you to have an inspirational time in church. Welcomed by our service hosts at the front door and throughout the building, our team is on hand to guide you to your seat and answer any questions you may have.

Our service begins with a short on screen presentation highlighting the key elements of the service and other important information.

The band will kick off the service with an inspiring song followed by a short time of corporate prayer. We passionately believe in prayer and that God is able to do the impossible. With this in mind we pray for the needs within our church, city, nation and beyond. By God’s grace, we have seen many prayers answered and we’re excited to keep going!

After a general welcome, we collect our tithes and offerings while watching City Life - short, inspirational stories about changed lives as well some church ministries. After a few further announcements, you’ll listen to a message which seeks to reveal Jesus, be relevant to your world and release faith for the week ahead. The message is passionate in delivery and usually lasts around 35 minutes.

After the message we will stand to sing up to three songs. Many people resonate with the message each week and feel a need to respond in some way. At Cornerstone City Church, we have created different ways for you to respond without feeling awkward. You can remain standing and continue to worship God through singing, but we also offer prayer from our Leadership Team and we’ve placed a Cross at the rear of the auditorium whereupon you are free to pin personal prayers.

At the end of the third song we usually close our service. All in all, a service at Cornerstone City Church will last approximately 75 minutes.


If you’re with us for the first, second or third time, then we’d love to welcome you to City Lounge. City Lounge is created with new people in mind - to answer any questions, meet staff members but mostly to make sure you feel welcome. City Lounge is a simple cordoned area in view of the main tea and coffee piazza just outside the main auditorium. You can’t miss it!

And if you’d like more information about the church, what we do or what’s on during the week or up ahead, then please feel free to stop at our Welcome Point in the main entrance. Our hosts will be on hand to help you.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our website and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

For a taster of some of our music and talks, click the link below.

Our church often has to move venue, so, to get the times and location of our upcoming services please click below.