The Kingdom at Work - CCC.001.jpeg

Find below

the audio file for the Kingdom at Work as well as two video and 6 point to help you see breakthrough in your work place. The videos should be played at the 25 minute mark in the podcast.

Use the following 6 steps to begin to se breakthrough in your workplace.

  1. Remind + Ask - Remind God of his love for your colleagues and their families - ask him if there is anything he wants to do in their lives.

  2. Pray - Begin praying for them privately and contend for breakthrough in their lives.

  3. Work - Do your work with integrity and loyalty.

  4. Risk - Look for an opportunity and approach them gently to share what God has shown you.

  5. Ask - Ask if you could pray for them, preferably in the moment.

  6. Trust - Trust the Holy Spirit to direct the conversation.