At Cornerstone City Church we look for simple ways to 'bring love to life' in our city and beyond. The values we strive to live by are:

  • adventure
  • love
  • movement
  • passion
  • growth
  • generosity
  • community
  • creativity

Creativity is something we believe opens up ways for our congregation engage with God and also drives down barriers helping new people experience him. Our worship team look to push themselves creatively and while doing this and seeking God's plans for our city, they came up with the song 'where the river flows'. It is based around Chapter 47 in Ezekiel where it says "Where the river flows, everything will live". [Check out the podcast below where you can hear a background into this and how the song came about]. We hope you enjoy it!

This is one of a series of live acoustic sessions that will be coming from Cornerstone over the next few months.